The Little Warthog 

Illustrated by Elizabeth Caitlin Ward


Once upon a time - three or four days ago -

On a beautiful morning in the sun's golden glow

A little brown warthog was feeling quite blue,

As he wanted so much to be somebody new...


The Little Warthog wishes so much to be a zebra. Luckily, a wise cockatoo flies by. She helps him to discover his own warthog-beauty. A heartwarming story about true happiness, living in the moment

and the discovery of ones own value, accompanied with enchanting illustrations - wonderful for big and small.              

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Layout design pro bono by Stefanie Lück & Fernanda Franco 

Trudy & The Christmas Donkey

Illustrated by Alice Jago


Crumbs! It's the day before Christmas and Pete can't find his Christmas donkey. But without Christmas donkey, Santa won't come, and without Santa there will be no presents! This year Pete's Christmas biggest wish was for the Super-New-Fully-Automatic-Cookie Dough-Kneading-Cutting out-and-Baking-Machine. Trudy must come to the aid of her friend, but what can she do to help?


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Trudy - Afternoon tea with Pete and Sam

Illustrated by Alice Jago


Apple pie and hot chocolate? Trudy thinks. Somebody is having afternoon tea in Grandma Lotti's shed - without me? She opens the door a crack and sees - a donkey and a tortoise sitting at a kitchen table! It is the beginning of a wonderful friendship...


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